Waterfall Bonanza: Blackwater Falls State Park is as much a vertical landscape as it is horizontal. Start with the crowd pleasers Elekala Falls and Blackwater Falls. Want to make this experience an adventurous one?  Seek out Douglas Falls. Located along the Allegheny Rail Trail in the old coal mining town of Douglas. Continue down river on the rail grade for additional cascading waterfalls on Big Run. Dolly Sods Wilderness is where true adventurers hike along Red Creek for dreamy swimming holes and cascading waterfalls.

Chasin’ Waterfalls in Tucker County

Dolly Sods Wilderness begins as a high plateau at an elevation of 4,200 feet.  Eventaully all that water makes it’s way to the Red Creek Canyon, descending 1,500 feet in elevation over lust a few miles.  Waterfalls drain from tributaries all along 6.4 miles of Red Creek Trail.  Red Creek itself has spectacular waterfalls along miles of desolate wilderness. 

Pictured:  Stair Step Falls of Red Creek 

Blackwater Falls State Park is easily the most photographed waterfall location in the State of West Virginia.  Crashing almost 60 feet to the water below, Blackwater Falls is easily accessible thanks to its boardwalk.  Elakala Falls sits next to the Blackwater Falls State Park Lodge.  Though you would hardly know it was there due to the dense Hemlock forest.

Pictured:  Blackwater falls

Douglas Falls is an earshot away from the town of Thomas, WV.  Access is gained by driving down Rail Falls Rd in Coakton or taking the Allegheny Highlands Rail Trail from Thomas to the town of Douglas.  The falls itself is located by the USFS rail trail entrance gate.  Approximatly 2.5 miles from Thomas.

Pictured:  Douglas Falls