Other Amenities

The vibrant and diverse community of Tucker County is home to businesses that cater to every aspect of your needs. From beautiful churches and top-notch hair salons to reliable grocery stores, trusted pharmacies and more, our area features a wide range of essential services.



  • Buena Chapel United Methodist Church
    4650 Appalachian Hwy., Davis, WV
  • Canaan Valley Baptist Church
    722 Cortland Rd., Davis, WV
  • Community Bible Church
    412 Thomas Ave., Davis, WV
  • Davis United Methodist Church
    378 Thomas Ave., Davis, WV
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church
    315 Blackwater Ave., Davis, WV


  • Hendricks United Methodist
    Charles St., Hendricks, WV


  • Church of God
    507 Central Ave., Parsons, WV
  • First Baptist Church
    227 Water St., Parsons, WV
  • First United Methodist Church of Parsons
    101 First St., Parsons, WV
  • Good Tidings Assembly of God
    5360 Location Rd., Parsons, WV
  • Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church
    221 Water St., Parsons, WV
  • Parsons Presbyterian Church
    304 Walnut St., Parsons, WV
  • Saint Johns United Methodist Church
    104 River St., Parsons, WV
  • St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
    203 Currance St., Parsons, WV


  • Saint Thomas Catholic Church
    316 Brown St., Thomas, WV
  • Thomas United Methodist Church
    110 Brown St., Thomas, WV


Grocery Stores, Pharmacy, Hardware:

  • Dollar General
    13668 Appalachian Hwy., Davis, WV
  • Shop n Save Express
    371 William Ave., Davis, WV
  • Shop n Save Express
    140 Main St., Parsons, WV
  • St. George Medical Clinic Pharmacy
    Parsons Location:
    221 Pennsylvania Ave., Parsons, WV
    Canaan Valley Location:
    6368 Appalachian Hwy., Davis, WV
  • Walgreens
    150 Main St., Parsons, WV

Hair Salons

  • Afterglow Beauty Lounge
    101 Shirley St., Parsons, WV
  • Almost Heaven Hair Salon
    45 Evergreen Aly, Thomas, WV
  • Elsewhere Hair Salon
    428 Second St., Parsons, WV
  • Hair Haven
    117 Pennsylvania Ave., Parsons, WV
  • Jasmine Hair Design
    22472 Seneca Trail, Thomas, WV
  • Mane Stream Salon
    47 Beldon Dr., Thomas, WV

Event Planners

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