You haven’t experienced Fall until you’ve experienced it in Tucker County, WV.

A magical time in Tucker County as everyone anticipates the fall foliage change. Late summer into early fall is often very dry with perfect temperatures. Shorts by day and sweatshirt by night, does it get any better? Many of us consider this to be the best time of the year to partake in everything Tucker County has to offer.

Fall comes early. As a local rule of thumb peak times can occur somewhere in the first ten days of October. We are dealing with Mother Nature after all. That being said, from the final week of September through the month of October is our glorious autumn foliage season.

What can you expect when visiting Tucker County, West Virginia? We are a small county of 7,500 residents located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains bordering the state of Maryland a few miles to our north. There is one stop light and one fast food restaurant for those that can’t get enough of the city. Otherwise, all of our businesses are small owner operated and the country roads are wide open to explore.

The color canvas is uninterrupted along mountainsides, country roads, and river valleys. Photographers from all over the country have taken note of the vibrant colors found in Tucker County and flock here every fall. Come see for yourself what it is like when the ridges are ablaze with color and small mountain towns are full of life.

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