9 Mountain Bike Rides For Everyone

Mountain Biking has been a staple in Tucker County since the early 1980’s. Miles upon miles of genuine single track riding through the most lush Appalachian forest and mountain scenery one can imagine. Home to Americas second oldest race and the infamous Moon Rocks, riders of all abilities are enticed to experience Tucker County mountain biking.


Promised Land TrailTrue beginners have been awarded with the construction of Canaan Valley Resorts first purpose built mountain bike trail. 5.5 miles of trail were constructed in 2019 along with a pump track. The trail heads are found at the Balsam Fir Overlook and Canaan Valley Resort pool parking lot.

Camp 70: To get your first real taste of mountain biking as a beginner/novice rider, head to Camp 70 road in the Little Canaan Wildlife Management Area in the town of Davis. Park in the first lot on your left. Beaver Creek Trail, Sherald’s Shunt and Trials Road are all suitable choices. Just don’t be afraid to get off the bike and walk if needed.

Back Hollow TrailThe most gentle trails for that off-road experience are found at Canaan Valley Resort State Park. Back Hollow Trail and Monarch Trail take you through open meadows and classic woodlands surrounding the state park. Park at either the main lodge or nature center for easy trail access and additional trail information.

Dales Trail: Thomas City Trails have been working toward the first purpose built bike trail in Tucker County. The system is now complete with a finished surface. Young new rippers and their parents have been taking advantage of the freshly cut 1.8 mile trail with great enthusiasm. If the local children give their stamp of approval, so should yours!


Blackwater Falls State Park: There are two separate areas to take advantage of in Blackwater Falls State Park. The Dobbin House area is made up of single track trails above Pendleton Lake. Recommend a ride out to Pase Point and then backtrack up Dobbin House Trail to Brads Trail and Woodcock.

The second region in Blackwater Falls State Park stretches from the town of Davis all the way to the Blackwater Falls State Park Sled Hill and Lindy Point. Recommend Red Spruce, Cherry Lane and Balanced Rock trails.

Yellow Creek: Outside of Davis head to Camp 70 and the first parking area on your left. Only hundreds of feet from Beaver Creek and the town of Davis is the Little Canaan Wildlife Management area and the famous Blackwater Classic mountain bike race. Head out Beaver Creek Trail to Trials Trail. From here ride until the sign for beginner/expert split. The “beginner” trail is Yellow Creek, but do not let the title fool you. This six mile loop is absolutely beautiful!

Blackwater View Trail: Off of Cortland Rd. in Canaan Valley is the Beall system trailhead, which is a part of the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge. A kiosk with trail map and area descriptions is located at the parking lot. Blackwater View Trail eventually meets up with Middle Valley Trail, creating even more opportunities for additional miles of riding. This trip is unique because it is the only biking permitted in the center of Canaan Valley. Expect single track and double-track riding conditions.


Canaan Mountain Backcountry: Canaan Mountain Backcountry is a vast trail system weaving through dense rhododendron and Red Spruce forest. A full day can be spent navigating about 30 miles of trail system and fire road connectivity.

Plantation Trail: Canaan Mountain Backcountry is a vast trail system weaving through dense rhododendron and evergreens. Plantation Trail is the main artery, stretching almost 9 miles of the Canaan Mountain Backcountry with plenty of optional trails along the route. Expect technical rocks and roots with plenty of punchy ups and downs. There is not a lot of elevation to this ride unless ascending or descending into Canaan Valley State Park via Allegheny trail or Davis Trail in Blackwater Falls State Park.

Splash Dam South Trail: Follow the Blackwater River outside of Davis, WV in the Little Canaan Wildlife Management Area. This is an out and back trail. Pick up the trailhead at the end of Camp 70 Rd, just across the walking bridge over the Blackwater River. Or, begin from the Town of Davis, the Heart of the Highlands kiosk and Splash Dam South trailhead is located next to the Rt. 32 bridge. Turning Splash Dam South into a loop with Yellow Creek or Moon Rocks Trail is a great option for a solid day in the saddle.

Moon Rocks: Ride the legendary terrain of Moon Rocks and HooDoo Rocks. This is where racers and die hard mtn. bikers have been putting their skills to the test since the early 80’s. Start the nine mile loop Beaver Creek trailhead on Camp 70 Rd. in Davis. Finish with cold libations and a full stomach at one of Davis’s many establishments.