Blackwater Falls Lodge Under Construction for Summer 2021

In late 2020 it was announced that Blackwater Falls State Park would be the beneficiary of almost five million dollars in renovations to their main lodge and restaurant. In addition, the sled run will receive upgrades to the winter lodge as the campground saw electrical, plumbing, and office restructuring over the winter. Since rebounding from an upside down 2020, fans of the Blackwater Falls Lodge will have to continue to wait for the eventual lodge reopening.

As of June first, 2021 construction is fully underway on both facilities. The much anticipated reopening is slated for some time in September. A lot can happen in three months so hopefully the date moves up a little for all those leaf peepers making plans for fall. Rest assure that prime autumn colors arrive through the month of October, therefore we can confidently say Blackwater Falls Lodge will be open come peak fall season.

One misconception going around is that Blackwater Falls State Park is closed. This could not be further from the truth. The park is open! The lodge staff is operating out of a small room in the main lodge for cabin check-ins, general visitor information, and answering phone calls. The parking lot also continues to be open so that guests have access to Elakala Falls and the Blackwater Canyon overlook.

Details are short to come by but I had the chance to meet up with Matt Baker, Blackwater Falls State Park Superintendent, for the scoop. In general the entire lodge has been completely gutted down to the studs. The lobby and front desk have been turned 45 degrees and now faces the front entrance. Public restrooms and gift shop will see full upgrades as well.

Moving past the main lobby into a stripped down Smokehouse at Blackwater Falls and the only thing you could possibly recognize are the frosty old windows. These will be a thing of the past, as nearly every window in the lodge will be replaced. The great room also gets upgrades that will continue with a relaxed state park theme and feel to the décor.

At the far end of Blackwater Falls State Park Lodge is an indoor pool and workout room surrounded on three sides by picturesque glass walls. During winter the windows would steam up so much that views were completely obscure. A new giant “dehumidifier” will take care of the window issue along with upgraded pool deck and amenities.

To be completely honest, when we went up to the second floor I was shocked at the starkness. A completely gutted structure resembling something out of a horror movie stood before me. This is a great thing. Meaning everything, and I mean everything will be updated from HVAC to walk in showers.

It is not hard to see by looking at the blog pictures that big upgrades are coming to Blackwater Falls State Park. We will keep you informed on construction progress through summer and what reservations will look like for fall. In the meantime, we look forward to summer and hope to see you come for a visit!