National Plan Your Vacation Day; Tucker County, West Virginia

Here in the travel and tourism industry we like to single out certain days of the year to celebrate and encourage taking a vacation. Today, January 26th is one of those days. It is National Plan for Vacation Day, and now that we have your attention, did you know Tucker County is a true four-season destination?

We all know what season it is right now, winter! A favorite time for skiers and snowboards, but the majority persevere cabin fever praying for spring. This hibernation is completely unnecessary with a whole host of winter activities and amenities for everyone. From the east coasts longest sled hill to fabulous winter cabins begging for reading, hot tubing, and escaping reality.

Plan today, escape tomorrow this winter. We are that close and that good.

Let’s just say you are going to actually take the advice of the National Travel Association and begin long term planning for a spring or summer vacation. We have the mountain location for the occasion. If you are thinking spring vacation, think mid-May to late-June. We would love your company earlier but to be honest, snow can fall here until late April.

What’s not to love about summer? Pretty much everything is perfect in the mountains when you have a hundred fun things to do outside. Plus the weather at 3,000 feet is typically ten degrees cooler with far less humidity than anywhere in the mid-Atlantic. You are in for a true mountain experience with places like Dolly Sods Wilderness and Canaan Valley delivering endless good times.

Tucker County, WV is home to one stop light and several small towns embracing mountain life and a tourism economy. The art scene of Thomas will give any art community a run for their money with a dozen resident artists and as many galleries. Parsons sits between the Shavers Fork and Blackfork Rivers with rail trail access and river trips nearby. Davis is the outdoor hub with trail heads in town, shopping, restaurants and breweries.

There is only one season left to entice you with, and that’s fall. Hands down a favorite time of year for locals and visitors alike. If you are a mountain biker, trails are now the driest they will be all year. Leaf peeping on a world class scale is a big deal from the last weekend of September to November. Lodging fills up fast for the first three weekends of October, so you may actually want to plan ahead for a fall getaway.

There you have it folks, National Plan Your Vacation Day just came and went. We hope you will think about us next time an escape from reality is needed. The mountains are calling, are you listening?