Ski Hero Glen Plake Visits Canaan Valley

Glen Plake skies with the youth at Canaan Valley Resort, Davis, West Virginia

Canaan Valley welcomed world famous extreme skier, Glen Plake, to Tucker County for a day of skiing and lifestyle promotion. Glen splits his time living in Chamonix, France during the winter and Nevada during the summer. Quite the honor to have such a worldly traveler make Canaan Valley, WV a destination for a couple of days in February.

Skiing Canaan Valley Resort puts a smile on Glen Plakes face.

You may be asking yourself, who is this guy and why is he so important? Because Glen Plake is the greatest ambassador to skiing and snowboarding North America has ever seen. He is also the Godfather of extreme skiing. I joined Glen at Canaan Valley Ski Resort to enjoy the fanfare and hit the slopes with the ski industries finest.

Canaan Valley Resort ski school hang out with Glen Plake for the day.

The reason Glen Plake made Canaan Valley a priority stop is at the heart of this blog. Our winter scene, as well as spring, summer, and fall is one of a kind. There is a reason for this. It’s called the community. 365 days a year, residents invested in the tourism economy make Tucker County what it is, and as it turns out, Tucker is a pretty cool and unique place on the map.

Chip Chase of Whitegrass and Glen Plake rekindling a longtime friendship.

Fortunately, we have our own “Glen Plake”. He goes by the name Chipper and owns Whitegrass Grass Country Ski Area. Chip and Glen are two peas in a pod. Brothers from different mothers. You get the gist!

Glen Plake skiing the Face at Canaan Valley Resort, Davis, West Virginia.

The smiles were for miles and the laughter was infectious throughout. For a guy who skis the world, Glen was as pumped to ski Canaan as he is Mammoth Mountain in California. How could this be? “It’s the people, their zest for life, and making the best of each and every day”, Glen tells me. “This is a recipe for success anywhere.”

Glen Plake signing autographs at Canaan Valley Resort in Davis, West Virginia.

I must admit, there were a lot of us between the ages of 40 and 60 super excited for autographs and a picture. The other age demographic enthralled by Glen were between the ages of 6 and 13. Once the posters were signed and pictures snapped, it was time to hit the slopes of Canaan Valley Ski Resort. The impact of skiing with one of the world’s best at your local mountain is priceless. We sure do appreciate Mr. Plake for stopping in and spreading the good vibes for years to come.