Ski The Valley: Back and Stronger Than Ever

For 69 years Canaan Valley, West Virginia has been an epicenter for skiing and snowboarding on the east coast. This is after all where West Virginia’s first ski resort was founded by the Washington DC Ski Club on land that is now part of Canaan Valley State Park.

Since 1951 folks commonly used the phrase “Ski The Valley” when referring to winter ski trips high up in the Appalachian Mountains. Over time more ski resorts would be built, the advent of snow tubing would bring winter fun to all, and a momentous highway project is nearing completion. The enduring phrase was so compelling that our office, the Tucker County Visitors Bureau, ran with it as a way to promote and unify the three established ski areas.

Ski The Valley has been used as a promotional tool for decades now. The promo took on many forms such as discounted tickets, swag, and website. Then came a tumultuous time in our local ski industry with the bankruptcy and closure of one of the premiere ski resorts.

A pause to regroup was in order. Not that the two ski areas were not good enough, but three was awesome and put Tucker County on the map for attracting winter enthusiasts.

I do not want to take away from the fantastic experience the remaining two resorts offer, if I may explain. Canaan Valley Resort would be the remaining downhill ski area with chairlift access. White Grass Touring Center is a cross country ski area where uphill travel is all on the individual skier. Unfortunately, without the third lift service ski resort, it was just not the same experience visitors came to expect. In November of 2019, a company named Perfect North Inc., purchased the bankrupted Timberline Four Season Resort, bringing positive news in 2020 for Tucker County despite COVID19.

Since early 2020, the newly named Timberline Mountain began investing and constructing what will be West Virginia’s most modern ski resort. With that, Ski The Valley is back and our trifecta of ski resorts solidified. All ski areas will be operating for the 2020/2021 ski season here in Canaan Valley. Pair winter excitement with exceptional lodging and you have a getaway worthy of your time and money.

For the time being we have started two social media channels dedicated to providing real time information on weather, ski conditions, promotions, and what is happening in and around Canaan Valley all winter long. Instagram and Facebook pages have both been created and aptly named Ski The Valley. Please visit our new sites, like us, follow us, and use the hashtag #skithevalley if you are into that kind of thing.

It is an exciting time to be in Tucker County. This winter promises to be another show stopper. Come see for yourself and “ski the valley”.