Snow Tubing at Canaan Valley Resort

From December to mid-March Canaan Valley Ski Resort runs snow tubing operations. Snow tubing consists of inner tubes blown up with air that are specifically designed for downhill travel over snow. Four to eight 1,200 foot long tubing lanes are built out of snow with berms that keep participant collision free. Don’t worry about tubing in the dark. The lanes are lit up with stadium style lighting, providing ample luminous to safely navigate the tubing zone. None the less, there is something to having fun outdoors after nightfall, it is just plain fun.

Upon arriving at Canaan Valley Ski Resort you will notice ski slopes and gigantic parking lots on your right. The tubing hill entrance will be to your left, climbing up a slight hill. If you happen to be staying at the Canaan Valley Resort main lodge, shuttle buses run between the lodge, ski resort and tubing hill from morning thru night. The shuttle is free to everyone. Let Canaan Valley Resort do the driving when conditions are unfavorable.

Tubing Canaan Valley Resort in Davis, West Virginia

Snow tubing at Canaan Valley Ski Resort is a blast and everybody can do it. Well almost everybody. There is a minimum age limit of 4 years old and height of 42″ required for the tubing park. This is understandable. When standing next to someone ripping down the lanes on an ideal snow surface, you will take note that the speeds are mesmerizing.


Tubing tickets are acquired inside of the quaint tubing hill lodge, not at the ski slopes. The recently constructed lodge also makes for the perfect place to get out of the elements. Thaw out by the roaring fire place and have a snack. Or, even more importantly, use the restroom! An outdoor fire ring also burns through the day and night. Can you say s’mores? You will just need to bring your own. And lastly, a magic carpet ride to the top of the hill. With tube in hand, one simply stands of the belted people mover and are whisked to the top of the run. This is almost identical to people movers found in airports.


Since anyone can take advantage of the excitement the tube park has to offer Saturday and Sunday days are busy. Therefore sessions do sell out so plan ahead. Night sessions on the other hand are far less likely to see the crowds. All tubing sessions are two hours long, beginning at 9:00 am and last until 9:00 pm on weekends only. For additional information on rates and hours click HERE.

Tubing Lanes at Canaan valley Resort
Canaan Valley Resort Fire Pit with family
Night tubing in Davis West Virginia at Canaan Valley Resort