Take a Ski Along the North Fork of the Blackwater River to Douglas Falls


There is no need for words when the remarkable winter beauty of Douglas Falls speaks for itself. Our blog will be a simple one. Few words and powerful pictures. Located a couple of miles downstream from West Virginia’s premiere arts and music capital, Thomas, WV, is the historic mining community of Douglas and Douglas falls. Getting down to the falls should only be attempted by the most able bodied. The view from above is still very rewarding.



Depending on the weather, access can be had by driving down Rail Falls Road, biking the Allegheny Highlands rail trail, or preferably cross country skiing the old rail grade. No matter your mode of transportation, Douglas falls is one of the best answers for solitude and the great outdoors of Tucker County. For directions you can down load this printable pdf or stop in our office at 410 William Ave, Davis, WV.



Along the way to Douglas Falls there are scant remnants of the bustling industry that once lined the North Fork of the Blackwater River. In 1894 the first coke ovens were constructed and, at the peak of the coke industry, the company was operating 175 ovens. At night these burning ovens, with those of the Davis Coal & Coke Company, illuminated the two miles of railway between Douglas and Thomas like a city street.


Cheers! Brian