The Art of Mud Season

There is no doubt, April showers will bring May flowers.  Between now and May we will experience what is locally referred to as mud-season.   Temperatures fluctuate, precipitation types diverge, peepers peep, the red hue of buds emerge from treetops.  

Ramps have become in vogue over the years for good reason.  They are delicious, extremely seasonal, and unique to Appalachia and West Virginia.  By late March these beauties are among the first spring plants to emerge from saturated soils. 

This is a delicacy worth pursuing and can be experienced at a variety of Tucker County’s restaurants like Hellbender Burritos and Elender’s Global Cuisine.  When you walk through the front door and it smells like a natural gas leak, you know ramps are on the menu.  They are also available to purchase from our Shop n’ Save grocery stores while the harvest lasts, which is about six weeks. 

With the onset of spring comes West Virginias annual Trout stocking.  An average of over two million trout are stocked per year.  Your odds are good for catching Rainbow, Brown, and Golden trout in one of Tucker County’s lakes and streams.

To learn about stocking locations, times, and licensing, visit the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources website.


The best way to stay dry during those April showers is perched behind the windshield overlanding Canaan Loop Road.  Unlike Dolly Sods, Canaan Loop Road is open year-round for exploration and free dispersed camping. 

The 17-mile loop takes you along native trout streams and towering Red Spruce Forest so dense that the moss-covered ground never sees the light of day.  Hiking trailheads along Canaan Loop offer many options to get out and stretch your legs.  At the end or beginning of your trip be sure to stop at Lindy Point for endless views of the Blackwater Canyon.

All Around Greatness

You can never go wrong drifting between art galleries and shops while the ying-yang of spring unfolds.  From Parsons to Davis, you will find the street fronts of small town America alive and well.  The Purple Fiddle offer free live music nearly every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Perfect for young families wanting to experience West Virginia Livings #1 music venue at a reasonable hour.

The best part of mud-season is that the inherent idea of mud keeps a lot of people at home, waiting for “better” days.  That’s fine by us, weed out the weak and more for the core.  Tucker County is a special place, and mud-season helps keep it that way.