Thomas Welcomes Three New Eateries for 2021

Like sand through the hour glass, these are the days of our small towns. Thomas, West Virginia in particular is no longer the well-kept secret it once was as stores on Front Street reflect the growth. After twenty years of organic business expansion spurred by entrepreneurs from the arts and music sector, this city of 600 has matured nicely.

While most of us spent 2020 wondering about the future, there were three separate groups of folks conjuring up business plans, applying final coats of paint, and posting on newly created social media accounts. Word spread fast that all these new endeavors would in fact be eateries of one type or another along the historic business district. This is very exciting news for Thomas, as the demand for more restaurant options has always been a hot topic.

A is for apples and Macy Lou’s Gourmet Apples makes deciding if desert should come before or after dinner extremely difficult. That is if you can eat them at all, these exquisite treats are so well decorated I could see hanging a dozen from the Christmas tree. Hand crafted apples all begin with a caramel coating to bond several outer layer flavors. I promise, there are enough varieties to make everyone happy.

Walk a few doors down Front Street and you will find Farm Up Table. This where southern comfort foods are influenced by the tastes and décor of New Orleans. Bring a big appetite as the proportions are exactly what is needed after long days of hiking or biking in the Monongahela National Forest. Farm Up Table is set up for dine in table service five days a week. They also put a lot of detail into making taking out easy, fast, and hot because sometimes a growling belly just cannot wait.

The best tacos come from taqueria stands that have impossibly small kitchens with big results. At the far end of town across from the post office is Picnic in Thomas, a take-out taco restaurant serving up the goods. Slow cooked meats and fresh authentic toppings is all it takes, but you have to know what to do with them. Vegetarians in particular will be delighted by a small but to the point menu bursting with flavor. Picnic in Thomas has a south of the boarder touch this small Appalachian town needs.

Two of the leading factors while traveling for myself are what am I going to do and where am I going to eat. More importantly, how many varieties of food are available?

Tucker County must have more pizza joints per capita than anywhere in the United States. Thankfully the latest batch of new enterprises to join our community are thinking outside the box, bringing tasty new treats and eats with them. One thing about rural travel is that restaurants and retail are not all open seven days a week. Take a look at the highlighted links above to nail down hours of operation as you plan your next visit to Tucker County.

Bon Appetit,