Timberline Mountain Purchases West Virginia’s First Six Person High Speed Chairlift

Timberline Mountain arrived at the front door of Canaan Valley and knocked, a band of brothers from Indiana stood attentive and eager. Much like the former Timberline Four Seasons Resort, a family run operation has become purveyors of one of the mid-Atlantic and south’s finest mountain resort. For those that know the history of Timberline, this is the ONLY commonality the two owners share.

Tom Price, Director of Operations helping pour concrete for the six person lift.

The Perfect family has owned Perfect North Slopes since its inception 40 years ago. Getting to know the management team behind the operations is impressive as it is humbling. These men and women have made their way through the ranks the old fashioned way. From the bottom. They know the product and what it takes to be successful. True success is twofold. You have to be profitable for the sake of staff, family investment, and capital improvements. Then the product you are selling needs to meet or exceed the expectations of the customer.

Timberline Mountain new Six Person High Speed Quad
Timberline Mountain's brand new Doppelmayr six pack high speed quad
Timberline Mountain West Virginia purchases new high speed six person chairlift

As you will see in the gallery below Timberline Mountain and Perfect North Inc. exceed expectations. On recent tours I have been able to meet and see their staff hard at work rebuilding or maybe I should say reengineering every square inch of the operation. Everyone from top management to ski tech managers are swinging hammers, covered in paint, and dressed for whatever comes next until the snow flies. Most notable is Chip Perfect, owner and president of Perfect North Inc. We have chatted briefly, his exuberance is palpable. The two times I was there Chip Perfect has been in the field operating equipment and being an equal contributor.

Timberline Mountain staff prepares footers for the new ski lodge deck.
Timberline Mountain, West Virginia construction 2020
Timberline Mountain, West Virginia adding new retail space to the lodge.

This is how success is accomplished in the real world. In the end, we all benefit. Thank you Timberline Mountain and Perfect family. Welcome to Canaan Valley, West Virginia.

Drum Roll Please…

All three chairs lifts have been removed with an entirely new lay out.

Only so much can be accomplished in a year and therefore the main lodge stays. A new retail shop is being added onto the structure to make room for a vastly improved flow throughout the lodge. When talking with Jonathan Davis, Perfect North General Manager, their team felt that the lodge design with huge open windows facing the ski slopes is iconic and possess great character.

Two brand new Doppelmayr ski lifts have been ordered. The big news is West Virginia’s first six person high speed chairlift will transport skiers and snowboarders to the top in a matter of minutes. A fixed grip four person lift is almost complete and will now singularly take care of the old mid-station duties. The location of this quad has been redesigned for optimal distribution to slope side housing, terrain parks and beginner to intermediate terrain. Lastly, a Sunkid surface lift will be positioned in the main teaching area now that the Silver Queen lift is gone. Seriously, you will not recognize the place.

New quad ski chairlift for Timberline Mountain
Capital improvements Timberline Mountain, West Virginia
Timberline Mountain, West Virginia new quad chairlift

With quality and attention to detail being demonstrated, the upgrades to snowmaking and grooming are going to be just as impressive. Those details will have to wait for another day. Boonie, General Manager of Timberline Mountain, has had the pedal to the metal during each site visit. What is on the ground says enough. Pisten Bully delivered their most powerful machine made a few weeks ago, with more on the way. Snowmaking receives equal attention with 38 new SMI fan guns awaiting their permanent home.

New snowcats arrives at Timberline Mountain, West Virginia

Snowmaking overhaul at Timberline Mountain, West Virginia

Most importantly, season passes have gone on sale for the 2020-2021 ski season. Make this dream a reality by going to Timberline Mountain’s website. We are so excited for the return of three ski resorts only a few miles from each other. This winter make the trip to Davis, West Virginia to “ski the valley”.