Timberline Mountain Reopening Winter 2020-2021

Significant changes have arrived in Canaan Valley since Timberline Four Seasons Resort filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in April of 2019. After extensive court hearings, the ski resort would go to auction. By mid-November 2019 the bidding was over. Perfect North Slopes, Inc. of Indiana made the right moves and purchased Timberline for $2.2 million dollars. A refreshed name has also come with the sale, Timberline Mountain.

Perfect North Slopes, Inc. will have Timberline Mountain open for the 2020/2021 ski season. With these kinds of announcements comes a whole lot of speculation. After several press releases and getting to know their top management, I can tell you we are in the best hands possible. Personally spending over 20 years working within ski resort mountain operations from California to West Virginia.

Timberline mountain

Timberline Mountain removing the Thunderstruck Chairlift

Priorities are being made, if not have already been made, for major infrastructure replacement or upgrades. At the moment snowmaking and new chairlift are the first priority. The only thing that can be shared is that the Thunderstruck Chairlift, best known as the “Triple” will be replaced. The only thing remaining of the triple are the loading and unloading structures. An entirely new “Triple” lift will be operating for the 2020/2021 season.

As for the Silver Queen lift status, the lift is in the process of coming down. Chairs, hull rope, and communications line are all down. These are the only details I know about the queen after making a trip down on Monday for some pictures. Speculation will run rampant, as with anything when big changes are coming. The entire process is in its infancy stage. Details are not being disclosed at this time, as important decisions continue to be made.

Silver Queen Chair Lift coming down at Timberline Mountain

One thing happening at Timberline Mountain is sale of the orange lift chairs from the Thunderstruck Chair. Sale details and a good line of communication are found on Timberline Mountains Facebook site. Timberline Mountain has been very responsive to questions as I have seen on their Facebook page. The chairs are for sale right now for $250.00 each or $200.00 for two or more. If you are interested, do not hesitate.

This is an exciting time in Tucker County and the entire region will feel the presence of Perfect North Slopes and their newest venture, Timberline Mountain. This blog will continue to be updated throughout the spring, summer, and fall until opening day. Stay tuned!



Timberline Mountain chair lift chair sale