Winter Bliss at Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater Canyon Overlook

Visiting the Allegheny Highlands of Tucker County, West Virginia would not be complete without a day, or two, spent in Blackwater Falls State Park. Especially in the winter! Wait, what?

Snowshoe Blackwater Falls State Park

That’s right folks, over the past few years Blackwater Falls State Park has stepped up their winter game, big time. Blackwater Falls has always been the undeniable attraction in West Virginia’s most visited state park, no matter the season. But, oh how the times are a changing.

Sledding hill at Blackwater Falls State Park

The Blackwater Falls State Park Sledding Hill and winter lodge has eclipsed the infamous falls as the top winter destination in the park. Investing in man-made snowmaking capabilities and a surface lift that whisks participants back up hill effortlessly, has turned Blackwater Falls State Park into the place to be when it comes to winter fun. Cross country skis and snowshoes are also available for rent at the winter lodge. Exploring snow covered trails in the park has never been more inviting.

Roasting marshmallows at Blackwater Falls State Park

No one can deny the impromptu marshmallow roast over an actual open fire at the winter lodge. Marshmallows are for sale on sight and 2 pronged roasting sticks are available for use. I like mine burnt! Hot food and beverages are also available, sustaining the energy level needed for hours of laughs and adventures.

Scenic drive in Blackwater Falls State Park

Some of us don’t need the mountain adventure sales pitch. The lure of ancient mountains and magnificent canyon is enough. There is no drive more beautiful in such a centralized location in the state of West Virginia.

Elakala Falls frozen in Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia.

Grand waterfalls like Elakala Falls (pictured here) and Blackwater Falls turn into unconstrained ice formations that resemble a fictional world where the abominable snowman could call home. The amber colored tannins found in Tucker County’s rivers and streams highlight the entire scene, making this a truly unique experience.

Cabin rentals in Blackwater Falls State Park in the winter

Blackwater Falls State Park is the full package. Lodging is found in a variety of ways throughout the park. Cozy cabins are the quintessential mountain lodging option equipped with the bare necessities, including an actual fire place for burning wood, not gas! A handful of recently constructed cabins sleep several couples and are equipped with more modern amenities.

Lodge at Blackwater Falls in the winter

A classic main lodge sits on the southern canyon rim of Blackwater Falls State Park, overlooking the thousand foot gorge. Unwind from a day in the forest with a soak in the health facility hot tub. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available seven days a week at The Smokehouse at Blackwater Falls. The Beef Brisket sandwich is dynamite, much like Blackwater Falls State Park!