Get Tuckered Scavenger Hunt 2024


Explore all the cool sites and natural beauty of Tucker County, West Virginia, while participating in the Get Tuckered Scavenger Hunt! Plus, be entered to win a $500 gift card at the same time.

Just follow these five easy steps to play.


Grab a Tucker County passport at one of these locations:

  • Tucker County Visitor Center (open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week)
  • Local Lodging Facilities
  • Canaan Valley Resort State Park Main Lodge
  • Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
  • Blackwater Falls State Park Main Lodge
  • Parsons City Hall


Follow the scenic driving loop to explore five cool locations across Tucker County on West Virginia’s famous country roads.


Bring your Tucker County passport to collect five different “Tucker Tree” stickers for your passport. Each location will have an easily identifiable waterproof plastic box containing a roll of stickers that are to be affixed to the passport at each stop. Don’t see any stickers? No problem! Just write the code word for the location on your entry card.


Be sure to share photos of your favorite stops on social media using the hashtag #GetTuckered.


Once your passport is full, turn it in or mail it to the Tucker County Convention and Visitor Bureau to qualify for the $500 gift card drawing on October 31, 2024. Addresses can be found below.


STOP 1: Driftland Sign, Canaan Valley Resort State Park

The Ski Club of Washington, D.C. played a key role in putting Canaan Valley on the map as a ski destination. See where our winter legacy began.

Directions: Head south on Route 32 and pass the Canaan Valley Resort State Park Main Lodge on your left. Shortly after passing the lodge, you will see the maintenance building for the park on your right. At the end of the parking lot, under a pine tree, is the Driftland Sign, commemorating the first ski hill in Tucker County.

The scavenger hunt box is located behind the sign.

STOP 2: Harold S. Walters Nature Center, Davis

Explore the wonders of the region at the Nature Center’s exhibits and take part in a planned program or activity.

Directions: Travel north on Route 32 toward Davis. Once you arrive in Davis, turn left onto Blackwater Falls Road. Continue on this road until you reach a four-way intersection. Make a right turn here and proceed past the entrance to the campground. Take the next right toward the Nature Center and Pendleton Lake.

The scavenger hunt box is located outside of the Nature Center building.

STOP 3: Thomas Interpretive Kiosk, Thomas Rail Trail

Journey through time in the Blackwater River Valley, uncovering the history of Thomas, the Coketon Industrial Complex and the stories of life in a coal mining town.

Directions: Navigate back to the intersection of Blackwater Falls Road and Route 32. Turn left onto Route 32 north toward Thomas. As you enter Thomas, the road will split. Stay to your right and continue straight. Then, take a sharp left turn after the Thomas City Hall building. Heading back in the direction you came, park along Front Street and head down the steps to the Thomas Rail Trail.

The scavenger hunt box is located near the Thomas Interpretive Kiosk, bench and bike rack area.

STOP 4: Corrick’s Ford Battlefield, Parsons

Discover the story of the first general to lose his life in the Civil War at Corrick’s Ford Battlefield.

Directions: Finish traveling one way through Thomas. Take a sharp left turn back onto Route 32 north, along the upper street of Thomas. Pass the Thomas City Hall building and make a left onto Route 219 south toward Parsons. Follow Route 219 for 15 miles. In Parsons, at the only stoplight in the county, take a left onto Main Street. Make another left onto Kohler Street, then right onto Poplar Street. At the end of the parking lot, find the Civil War informational sign for the Battle of Corrick’s Ford.

The scavenger hunt box is attached to the wooden fence on the right.

STOP 5: St. George Academy, St. George

Constructed in 1885, this school building showcases unique architectural and construction methods, setting it apart from most buildings in West Virginia.

Directions: Leaving Corrcik’s Ford Battlefield, turn left onto Kohler Street, then right onto Main Street. At the stoplight, continue straight onto Chestnut Street which transitions into Route 72 north. Follow Route 72 north for about six miles before turning right onto Location Road. Make another right onto Holly Meadows Road. Your destination, the Academy and its historical marker, will be on your right.

The scavenger hunt box is located along the fence line.


Option 1: The Direct Route

For a quicker return, head west on Holly Meadows Road. Turn left onto Location Road, then take another left onto Route 72 south toward Parsons. At the traffic light, turn left onto Route 219 north which will take you back to Thomas.

Option 2: The Scenic Route

Enjoy a scenic drive by continuing east on Holly Meadows Road. Turn right at the intersection to stay on Holly Meadows Road. In about three miles, keep to the right at the fork in the road. Then, take a slight left onto Sugarlands Road which winds up the mountain. At the stop sign, turn left onto Route 219 north toward Thomas. Once you cross the Route 219 bridge, take a right onto Route 219 south, leading you back to Thomas.


Turn in your completed Get Tuckered Scavenger Hunt card in person or by mail.

In Person:

Tucker County Visitors Center
410 William Ave.
Davis, WV

By Mail:

Tucker County CVB
P. O. Box. 565
Davis, WV 26260


While you’re out searching for clues, be sure to check out all the other amazing things Tucker County has to offer—from outdoor recreation and sightseeing to charming towns and delicious eats.

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